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Traffic Controller System

Traffic controllers is one of the key components to any Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).


The importance of controllers is undeniable, especially when vehicles and pedestrians alike approach an intersection during heavy traffic conditions.

Mytraffic Traffic Signal Controllers are strategically designed for any size deployment and any level of complexity with intelligent algorism developed by Mytraffic.

All controllers are available with optional solutions like surveillance and enforcement cameras,  software for applications including intersection control, ramp metering, arterial master, or reversible lane control.

Traffic algorithm engine with deep learning

Deep Learning

An intelligent traffic control management system, that has the artificial intelligence to formulate optimal traffic algorithms in real-time as data is being gathered.

Maintenance engineers no longer have to input traffic algorithms or study traffic data manually. With Deep Learning, traffic data is being auto-collected using more than 5 different data collection tools. It covers real-time traffic data gathering, data mining and provides optimal traffic conditions.

Deep Learning also consists of:

TSC1 Intersection Controller

TSC1 is the successful intersection controllers from Mytraffic. It is a Intel microprocessor based traffic controller design, the TSC1 offers both familiarity and many exciting new user and maintenance features. With integrated Remote Monitoring and Cloud system, it provide wide capability of latest technology and safety features to be add-on.

TSC1 are compatible to variety of Traffic Lamp Aspect type and capable to monitor output from each lamp.

Traffic Controller Board
Main Features
  • Modular- Each Module are in 6U and 3u Form factor
  • Simple installation – Easily retro-fitted to existing controller cabinets
  • Multi-mode operation including advanced algorithm
  • Supports configuration changes with signals on
  • Sirim EMC Compliance and IP55 Controller Cabinet rating

Easy-to-use user interface

To simplify user interaction with the controller, the TSC1 provides an extensive web browser interface which is accessible either locally or remotely. Offering a consistent style and where appropriate consistent, this interface is able to be accessed locally Ethernet (if a communications router is provided) or via a simple plug-in Wi-Fi interface module.

The interface also supports a live site map which shows the status of key items, such as phases and detectors in real time on a graphical representation of the site.


Mytraffic Signal Controller (TSC1) can connect between the Controller to Controller or communicate from the Junction Controller to the Control Center through the Mytraffic Cloud network.

All configurations for each Junction Controller will be deployed at MyTraffic Cloud to facilitate access to information and inputs to be distributed to each Junction Controller. All information from the detector can be routed in real time to MyTraffic Cloud.

This will simplify and further analyze the process of analyzing current traffic conditions to determine the time allocation of each Junction controller according to the current situation.