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Smart Surveillance System

High performance and faster response.


The Smart Surveillance System is an integral part of “Smart Cities Solutions”. End users need to implement systems that not only monitor security, but allow them to be more proactive by performing forensic analysis to understand the nature of threats before they materialize as security incidents. MyTraffic Smart Surveillance System is reliable to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Detection of Security & Safety Incidents in Real-Time

Smart Surveillance System’s automatic detections are of the utmost importance in a city network. This technology eliminates the need for continuous human monitoring of surveillance camera.

It automatically detects and alerts security and safety incidents in real time, thereby drawing a security operator’s immediate attention to an incident. MyTraiffic Smart Surveillance system provides situational awareness to effectively manage incidents and enable effective responses.

Keeping your Smart City safe and secure

  • Automatic surveillance for unexpected issues
  • Special vehicle search and tracking
  • Tracking strangers
  • Plate number recognition
  • Image saving for 30 days
  • Connection to relevant agencies

How it works?