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Smart Lighting System

Lets you manage all connected street lights securely and remotely through a real-time, map-based view using any standard web browser.


MyTraffic’s Smart Lighting System are a gateway to city-changing technology with sensors, controls, wireless transmitters and microprocessors built within the LED system.

This solution uses LoRa-Network to actively reduce energy by allowing easy scheduling of on/off and dimming levels functions for individual or groups of lights. The right level of lighting needed at every time of the day, season, weather conditions or motion detection can be set that respond to city challenges.

Key Advantages:

The time of street light automation is upon us

Street Lighting Lanterns are communicate to main gateway using LoRa Technology to control LED Lantern to turn ON/OFF, current measurement, LED faulty indication and dimming function.

MyTraffic Smart Lighting Modules:

Easy to deploy: Once installed, the streetlight connect automatically to the MyTraffic LoRa gateway module & monitoring unit system, and start transmitting operational information.

Seamless integration: No complicate steps or special commisioning needed and with our user-friendly interface software, you can easily control your city’s lighting effectively.