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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) - VDS & VMS

Detection and monitoring solutions for traffic and public transportation applications.


Vehicle detection sensors (VDS) and Variable Message Systems (VMS) ensure traffic Information reliability through traffic Information collection and diversification of service.

Detection and monitoring solutions from MyTraffic help traffic and public transportation authorities manage their traffic flows efficiently and ensure safety.

MyTraffic’s hardware and software solutions help you monitor motorists and pedestrians in urban environments, detect incidents on highways and in tunnels, collect traffic data, and ensure the safety on our public road.

Intelligent Data Collection & Flow Monitoring

MyTraffic ITS - VDS & VMS’s cameras and sensors accurately monitor traffic flows and help you to keep highways safe. Other applications include queue monitoring during road works and travel time calculation based on flow information.

  • Collect valuable traffic data
  • Monitor queues
  • Ensure safety during road works

Intersection Control

MyTraffic VDS’s video and magnetic sensors are a highly reliable alternative to loops and other detection technologies. By detecting vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, VDS’s sensors enable smart intersection control.

  • Improve city traffic flows
  • Reduce unnecessary delays
  • Enhance safety for all road users

MyTraffic ITS - VDS & VMS’s technology is built from a suite of state-of-the-art hardware and software: